Stern Taxi Fare


a. Generate invoice in PDF

Your customer can have can invoice of the trip in PDF.

  1. Install this great plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices.
  2. Download stern taxi template for PDF. It is also here: wp-content/plugins/stern_taxi_fare/templates/bewpi-templates
  3. Follow instruction given in plugin to add your custom template.
  4. Unzip and copy this folder in your folder: wp-content/uploads/bewpi-templates/invoices/simple
  5. Go to Woocommerce => Invoices => Template. Select sternTaxiFarePDF.




Order must be complete to have invoice generated.



Please find a example of an invoice.



WooCommerce PDF Invoices

Automatically generate and attach customizable PDF Invoices to WooCommerce emails and connect with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Egnyte.

Download Version 2.4.4