Stern Taxi Fare


d. Adding Deposits or Partial Payment Functionality


Written by Suzi Pratt ( of Intrepid Designer (

Some businesses will prefer having customers pay a deposit in order to make an online reservation. This is beneficial for your transportation business because it increases the likelihood that your customer will not cancel their reservation without informing you. Adding a deposit functionality to Stern Taxi Fare is very simple using the following steps.

*Before you start, be sure you have already uploaded and activated WooCommerce and the Stern Taxi Fare plugins.

Step 1:

Download WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payment Plugin from Envato. This is a paid plugin, not free. Link

Step 2:

Install the plugin and activate it. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “WooCommerce” → “Settings”. You will now see a tab that says “Deposits” where you can set parameters.


Step 3:

In the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to “Products” and edit the “Taxi Fare” product that was automatically created when you installed the Stern Taxi Fare plugin. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Product Data.” Within this box, click on the bottom tab that is labeled “Deposit.” From here, you can set additional parameters to enable or force a deposit, and specify the type of deposit. In the screenshot below, I have set up a forced 15% deposit for every Stern Taxi Fare plugin transaction.

Step 4:

Within the same “Product Data” section, click on the “General” tab and input a number into the “Regular Price” section. This can be any random number, and it will not impact your transactions going forward, but you MUST have a number here that is not zero in order for the deposit plugin to work properly. Now, update and save the product.

Step 5:

Now when you complete a transaction, you should see the deposit take place in the “Review & Payment” stage.